Cleaning Proposal for Expo Center

The Clinton County Agricultural Society is looking for proposals for cleaning services at the Expo Center and bathrooms located on the grounds.

The Expo Center is located on the Clinton County Fairgrounds at 958 W Main Street Wilmington, Ohio.  The Expo Center is approximately 5,500 square feet with a kitchen area with a commercial refrigerator/cooler and microwave.  There is an entry hall and men’s and women’s bathrooms.

The Expo Center will need to be cleaned after each event that is held.   This includes but is not limited to sweeping and mopping floors in the Expo Center and kitchen area, cleaning the refrigerator/cooler, as needed, sweeping, and mopping of entry hallway, sweeping of entry rugs, dusting ledges and baseboards within the Expo Center, cleaning of Expo Center bathrooms which includes toilets &/or urinals, sinks, mirrors, floors, & trash collection.

In the event there are no events held during the month, the Expo Center will need to be cleaned once a month.

There are other bathrooms that are located on the grounds but those would only be cleaned in the event they are rented out for an event which would include toilets &/or urinals, sinks, mirrors, floors, & trash collection.

All cleaning supplies will be provided by the Clinton County Agricultural Society.

Proposals must be submitted by 2:30 pm on Friday, December 8th to the Fairboard Office on the fairgrounds or mailed to:
Clinton County Agricultural Society
PO Box 29
Wilmington, Ohio 45177